Advantages of Online Backup & Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is quickly becoming the method of choice when it comes to backing up those important document’s and files. It comes with huge advantages for home and business users who are looking for a backup solution, or a way to access their files on the go.
Before we get into the advantages of cloud storage, let’s define what it is. It is storing your files online, so you can access it anywhere through multiple devices.

Let’s start with the main advantage and that’s file accessibility. From PC’s to mobile phones, cloud storage allows you to view, edit and save your files from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

Let’s say you’re working on a file at work, you can save it and once home start working again on the same file. Or have multiple user’s accessing different files from different locations.

Another advantage which shows why this solution is becoming popular is cost. Backing up data isn’t cheap. Costs can increase when you factor in the cost of equipment including drives or Storage devices. Cloud storage is usually a monthly or annual fee at a cost that suits your needs.

Another advantage is that it is off site. Risks such as damage or fire are excluded as the backup is off site and away from any of these potential hazards.
Cloud storage can constantly sync your files as you save or change them. As soon as you click save your file is being uploaded to your cloud storage.
Security is also increased as data in encrypted between transmissions of data. This insures no unauthorised users can access the data.

In the event of catastrophic data loss, the cloud storage has all the files that you have chosen to back waiting to be restored with zero downtime.
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