Beware – Authentic looking spam Microsoft email

Obsidian Networks is warning customers to be extra careful and to be on the look out for a spam email looking like it is from Microsoft.

Within the email is a link which leads to a site that looks like a Microsoft website that downloads malicious software to your computer.

The sender of the email looks like it is from Microsoft’s Volume Licensing Service Center, and the email shows a registration link for the download of a Microsoft piece of software, that many people may have purchased.

If you open the link, you will be taken to a fake website that looks exactly like the Microsoft website, this site will then automatically download a trojan to your computer.

The malicious software is extremely sophisticated and can lie dormant on your computer for a considerable amount of time without you being aware.

If you believe that you may have received on of these emails and you are worried if it may have compromised your computer we advise that you get in touch with a member of our support team who can assist you with your concerns. Our support team can be reached on or alternatively by calling 01244 56 99 28.

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