Nokia and Android

Rumour has it that Nokia have been working towards a phone using the Android OS. Back in 2011
Nokia adopted Windows phone as its primary operating system for its smart phones which was you would expect is owned by Microsoft. So really, what does this mean?

As when it comes to smart phones using the Windows operating system Nokia will normally have the controlling share?

All this came to light when a tweet from a well-known leaker @evleaks posted photos of a phone code named “Normandy” according to the tweet this was a low-end phone that ran a customised version of Android.

According to The Verge, before Nokia got in to its partnership with Microsoft they had already been working on a device that runs on the Android Operating System. As it stands there is no clear message to say whether Nokia will go ahead with its old plans to work on this old prototype system they had started.

Although a few years back Google’s Eric Schmidt made comments suggesting that they would have liked to have partnered up with Nokia mentioning that they had ‘certainly tried’ to convince Nokia to go with android over the windows phone. The main issue back then for Nokia was they wanted to stand out within the market as they would have felt like it wouldn’t be able to differentiate itself in the android market.

Of course something like this leaves loads of questions, what’s new for the Windows phone? How well will Nokia do with Android? Is this a smart move for Nokia? Who knows? Regardless what Nokia decide to do here at obsidian we wish them the best of luck. But regardless what mobile device you have we can give you clear set up instructions for your mobile devices to enable you to check your emails on the go.

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