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ADSL 2 + Broadband FTTC Broadband
Up to 24Mbps download and 1Mbps upload Up to 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload
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  ADSL 2+ Business ADSL 2+ Business Unliited FTTC Business FTTC Business Unlimited
Speed upto 24Mbps download & 1Mbps upload upto 24Mbps download & 1Mbps upload upto 80Mbps download & 20Mbps upload upto 80Mbps download & 20Mbps upload
Monhtly Bandwidth 50GB Unlimited 50GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Contention 20:1 20:1 20:1 20:1
Static IP
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Business ADSL / Fibre & Sharedband Solutions

Our ADSL Business broadband services offer up to 24Mbps downstream speeds and upto 1Mbps upstream speeds and come with a 20:1 contention ratio, which will ensure you don’t have to wait for your business critical data.

ADSL Broadband offers these key benefits:

  • Permanent Internet Connection with no call charges.
  • Static IP Address available on all our packages.
  • NoNAT option can be provided at no extra cost to utilise services such as VPN.
  • Optional pre-configured routers and firewalls can be provided.
  • Traffic is shaped to provide priority to business traffic so that you benefit from increased performance.

Sharedband | Bonded ADSL

The internet and email have become an essential part of day-to-day life in the business world, and many corporations, small businesses and home workers are out growing the capabilities of their existing broadband. Often businesses have no choice but to turn to more expensive internet connections, which typically do not make practical or financial sense.
Our latest broadband package, Sharedband, is a new reliable, cost effective alternative, designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses. Sharedband aggregates the network capacity of multiple internet connections into one, maximising productivity and reliability of your broadband service.

How does Sharedband Work?

Sharedband works by splitting large files into small segments, which are transmitted in parallel over several lines, then recombined at the other end. By combining the capacity of two broadband connections, Sharedband delivers twice the performance. Use four connections and you get four times the speed.

What Benefits Would I Stand to Gain?

  • Improved resilience with improved connection speeds, meaning that if you have multiple lines with different service providers, if one line drops you will not lose connection as there is another to fall back on.
  • Dramatic performance gains, with the ability to upload and download in speeds as little as a quarter of the time.
  • Easy installation as Sharedband works with standard broadband routers and servers.
  • You can add lines as easily as you can remove lines to suit your needs.
  • Once you have placed your order, Sharedband will be installed within 2-3 working days.

Who Would Benefit Most?

  • Businesses that send large files or data to customers or suppliers
  • Businesses that host their own email, web or extranet services
  • Businesses who connect different business sites together using IP sec/ VPNs
  • Businesses who want to increase the number and improve the experience of teleworkers
  • Businesses that want to deliver growth and effectiveness by offering new services to their customers and suppliers, such as, online ordering, client/ customer management and electronic payments.
  • Businesses who want to drive efficiencies by extending internal networks and email systems to encompass remote offices, mobile workers and home based personnel.


  • Sharedband increases your download and upload speeds comparable to solutions that cost 10 times more
  • By increasing the speed this provides you with better quality video conferencing services*. It also helps ensure that off-site backups are completed on time.
  • Sharedband is an excellent solution for those people who send large video, graphic or image files.
  • Increased speed means that as a company you will have increased productivity as people will not have to wait as long for transfers.

More Reliable

  • A connection with guaranteed uptime is not always cost effective. Sharedband bridges the gap between typical DSL or cable connections and expensive leased lines.
  • Increased up-time and resiliency.
  • Businesses that rely on off- site employees to complete work will find that Sharedband provides the required reliability.


  • Sharedband can adapt to the growing needs of your business with normal hardware costs.
  • Sharedband can increase capacity when the need arises, as well as scale back to save on costs.
  • Part of the value of Sharedband is its ability to scale without complexity.


  • During the last ten years we have always chosen Obsidian Networks as our hosting service provider. Always reliable, personable and efficient, Obsidian Networks are great people to do business with.

    Richard Clarke – Rockart Agency
  • Since we first started using Obsidian Networks 5 years ago we have found them to be an excellent support company. They have helped us through several business changes and have been pro-active in suggesting improvements to our systems that have helped us grow. There is always somebody available to take our queries, and all issues are dealt with promptly. We rely on their expertise in giving us a first class service, and I would happily recommend them

    Daniel Bowles – Topping Partnership Ltd


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