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Catch 99.8% of spam, virus and phishing emails 14 day rolling email continuity.
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Email Security as a service

Designed to give our clients email protection from spam, viruses and phishing emails. Our advanced spam filtering service will ensure that your email is protected at all times, and will limit the impact viruses and spam can have on your business.

Email Security Features

  • Catch 99.8% spam capture with zero false positives
  • Email phishing protection
  • URL Scanning
  • Will catch viruses up to 22 hours before signature based anti-virus software
  • Increases productivity by reducing the amount of time you spend filtering through spam and virus emails
  • Stops all known viruses 100% of the time
  • You do not need to invest in hardware or software and you have nothing to maintain on a daily basis

Email Continuity Features

  • Rolling 14 day email retention
  • Web folder access from within Microsoft Outlook
  • Your mailbox will be syncronised once the disaster of your email server is over

How the email security filtering service works

Level 1 : Reputation

Obsidian Networks algorithms determine whether an email connection is a genuine email server or a known spamming system, that has been sending out spam across the internet. If the server is a known server that has sent spam in the past, then we block the connection and reject any email that is attempted to be sent through this server. We do not clutter your quarantine reports with this information, the connection is dropped and a log of the connection is retained in our system log files.

Level 2 : Anti Virus

Each email is scanned through 4 of our anti virus engines. These servers are continually changing and updating to ensure that we are always catching 100% of the virus emails that are sent to your business email. Two of our anti virus scanners are signature based and two are behavioural based to capture new viruses and malware. This anti virus service catches viruses on average 22 hours before the best known anti virus engines.

Level 3 : Content

Every email that is sent goes through a range of content filters examining different aspects of the email data. These include examining embedded URL’s that are linking to malicious sites, examining our own spam fingerprinting service against our spam traps and examining header and body content for obvious spam content.

Level 4 : User Content

As a customer of this service you will have a number of options to determine what is blocked. This allows you to block additional content such as sound and video files, executable and zip files. We give you the ability to implement black and white lists so you can automatically block or allow emails from specific email addresses. This can all be setup via our web interface.

How the email continuity service works

Always available email

Email Continuity is provided via a high available, feature rich web mail service providing off-site remote access to email if you have a server failure.

Business continuity is available during both disaster and normal operations. Our system will capture all emails that are sent through our spam filtering service and route copies of these emails to our business continuity email server. Each user that has subscribed to this service will be able to access a rolling 14 day archive of their emails.

Webmail message capture provides you with easy access to your emails

Each inbound email that is received by our spam filtering service will be delivered into your business continuity mailbox. These messages will be held on our servers for a period of 14 days. The net result of this is that you will always see a rolling 14 day period of your emails.

In the event of a disaster to your local mailserver, you will be able to log into our webmail facility and access your emails. This can be access from any web browser, on any device and will allow you to continue sending and receiving your emails whilst you tackle the disaster to your email server.

With this service you will never lose access to your email system ever again.


  • During the last ten years we have always chosen Obsidian Networks as our hosting service provider. Always reliable, personable and efficient, Obsidian Networks are great people to do business with.

    Richard Clarke – Rockart Agency
  • Since we first started using Obsidian Networks 5 years ago we have found them to be an excellent support company. They have helped us through several business changes and have been pro-active in suggesting improvements to our systems that have helped us grow. There is always somebody available to take our queries, and all issues are dealt with promptly. We rely on their expertise in giving us a first class service, and I would happily recommend them

    Daniel Bowles – Topping Partnership Ltd

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