Microsoft Windows XP & Windows 2003 Server End Of Life Looms….

Windows XP

This year, Microsoft’s long standing operating system will stop receiving updates and support from Windows Update Services.

Windows XP was released 12 years ago and Microsoft is now pulling the plug on the popular Operating System which still holds 30% of the worldwide market share of desktop Operating Systems.

From the 8th April 2014, Windows XP will stop receiving updates which contain patches for the latest security risks, features and technical updates.

What does this mean?

This news means that PC’s and laptops that are running the Windows XP environment could become vulnerable to security risks such as malware and viruses as Microsoft will no longer be taking responsibility for any holes that are exposed within the architecture of the Operating System.

Along with this Microsoft are also ceasing updates to Microsoft Security Essentials for XP, but this is not going to happen until July 2015.

Another note for concern is that 3rd party manufacturers may stop shipping Windows XP drivers for their latest hardware releases, such as printers, digital cameras and other popular accessories.

Windows 2003 Server

As part of the Microsoft product lifecycle, Windows 2003 Server will also become end of life as of July 2015. In the same sense as Windows XP, Server 2003 will stop receiving updates and support from Microsoft. This will put your applications and business at risk as new threats won’t be addressed and also the lack of support from 3rd party software and manufacturers will become a compliance nightmare.

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